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Outdrive Oil

Before getting started, let me just say one thing. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER add outdrive oil thru the top VENT hole. The top Vent hole is for letting air in and out ONLY. I have seen so many new boaters attempting to fill the outdrive with oil thru the top hole, and when they see it coming out of the bottom hole, they think its full and plug both holes. The outdrive will run for about one hour and then seize up costing as much as $2,500.00 to repair.

To change the oil, use a large screwdriver and remove the top and the bottom drain screws. If you have an outdrive oil reservoir inside of the boat, you should remove the top cap. 

Note ! The drain plug on newer Bravo 1 & 2 drives is behind the propeller. ( item # 34 )

Completely drain the old oil out of the bottom of the drive. Wait about 1/2 hour for all of the oil to drain out so there will be no air pocket in the 1/4 diameter tube which internally connects the lower portion to the upper portion of Pre-Alpha, Alpha One and Gen II outdrives. 

If you get approximately :

Pre-Alpha or Alpha     36 oz. of old oil
Bravo I & TRS              2 1/2 quarts of old oil
Bravo II, III and TR       3 1/2 quarts of old oil

and it appears to free of water ( not milky ), and you do not find any metallic particles floating in the oil, you are ready to refill the drive.

Before refilling it, inspect the drain and vent sealing washers in the top and bottom holes. If they are bad, replace them. A bad washer allows water to be sucked past the threads of the screw when hot oil is cooling down. Use a quart bottle pump  or a  5 gallon pail pump  and with the drive in an upright position ( not laying on its side or up at an angle ) pump in the same amount of new 80- 90w or a Synthetic outdrive oil as listed above. The oil MUST be pumped in through  the bottom drain hole until it comes out through the top vent hole. Once it comes out of the top hole, you can put the screw back in the top hole and if you have a reservoir inside of the boat, keep pumping the oil through the bottom hole until it fills the reservoir. Plug the bottom hole and replace the cap on the reservoir if you have one.

Please note ! On Newer Bravo 1 & 2 outdrives, the lower drain plug is located in the bearing carrier assembly located in the lower housing. If you remove the propeller you will see it directly below the propeller shaft. ( item # 34 )


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