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MerCruiser Lower Unit Drill Fixture

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Why run the risk of cracking the lower housing with an impact wrench on some of those very hard to remove 4 3/8 lower retainer nuts. Guessing where to drill holes can be a very time consuming and an inaccurate way of doing this. With this tool you can cut your time in half and not destroy any of the threads in the lower housing in the process. It will fit all #1 MerCruiser "R" outdrives including Alpha One "MR", Generation II, TRS and Bravo I. It will not fit TR, Bravo II or III at this time.

Before !  How would you remove a nut like this ? 






Step 1.  Place the tool over the prop shaft with the drill bushings positioned at the narrowest point of the carrier nut and clamp in place with an old prop nut. Now drill 2 holes with the 1/4" flat bottom drill to the depth on the drill stop.


The 1/4" flat bottom drill and drill stop is included.







Step 2.  Now loosen the prop nut and turn the fixture 90 degrees. Retighten the prop nut and drill 2 more holes to the depth on the drill stop.







Step 3.  Remove the fixture and punch the 4 separate pieces of the old retainer nut inwards. Notice there are no marks inside the lower housing threads from the drill because the 2 life time hardened drill bushings keep the drill in the exact location.









After !   This was done in less than 2 minutes !


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