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Quicksilver Miscellaneous Zinc Pieces

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Please Make sure you currently have the zincs below before ordering replacements. If you don't have then now you can't add them. 


These zinc pieces are used on the rear of the trim cylinders on Alpha One and Bravo drives.


         : Order # 6189 for Alpha



         : Order # 6190 for Bravo




These zinc pieces are used behind the propeller on 1991 and up Gen II drives. They will not fit lower carriers made before 1990. 


         : Order # 6105 for Gen II


         : Order # 6188 for Bravo 1

           Bravo 2 & 3 can't use these 



These can be added to any Pre-Alpha drive. They are used for a little extra protection to the outdrive and trim cylinders.

They are 2 inches long and fit any 3/4 diameter shaft.

Shipping Wt. 1 Lb.

         : Order # 4200 



These are 2 3/4 diameter rudder buttons. They are most commonly used, bolted thru the trim tab leveling plates. 1 half goes on top of the plate and 1 half goes below.

These are sold as a set  ( 2 halves with 1 stainless steel nut and bolt ).

Order a quantity of 2 sets to do both trim tab plates.


         : Order # R200 


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