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Engine Oil Change Hose

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Remove your engine oil pan drain plug and replace it with the adaptor show here on the right. Now attach the hose to the adaptor and lay everything down in the bilge until your ready for your next oil change. 

When your ready for your next oil change and the boat is out of the water, remove your bilge drain plug screw and run this hose thru the hole in the back of the boat. Now remove the end cap to drain the oil.

This hose is 44 inches long and easily fits thru a 3/4 hole.

Sorry, there is no chart to tell exactly what size your drain plug threads are because MerCruiser switches these around. Please remove your drain plug and measure your old threads to order this hose.

         : Order # 3050 for 1/2-20 fine thread
         : Order # 3060 for 3/8-18 N.P.T. thread
         : Order # 3070 for 3/4-16 fine thread
         : Order # 3080 for 12 x 1.75 metric thread
         : Order # 3090 for 14 x 1.50 metric thread


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