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MerCruiser Old Style Trim Hoses

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Please Note ! All of the hoses we are now receiving are still all stainless steel but they now have a thin black urethane protective coating over the stainless. 









       Port Side             Starboard Side  
: Order #0712        : Order #0711


These 2 hoses were used on MerCruiser outdrives from  approximately 1966 - 1971. If your 1966 - 1971 sterndrive only has a total of 2 hoses going thru the gimbal housing down and around the big boot to the lower block shown in the photo above, these are the only 2 hoses you will need.

 Please measure as shown above because (2) lengths were used. The longer hoses #32-36085 & #32-36086 are no longer available from MerCruiser.  

   Port Side             Starboard Side
: Order # 0692       : Order # 0693

From approximately 1968 - 1971 MerCruiser added these 2 hose along with the 2 shown above. So if you have 4 hoses going thru the gimbal housing down and around the big boot, these are all 4 of the hoses you need. Note, these 2 hoses go to the upper block shown in the top photo.



    Single Trim Hose Hole Cover

This is MerCruiser p/n 36011 hole cover. It is used on drives which only have 1 hose coming out of each side of the gimbal housing. It comes from MerCruiser and is un-painted. It does not come with any screws.

Note !  Hose covers which had 2 hoses coming out of each side are no longer available.

These single hose covers are sold each. Order 2 if you need 1 for each side.

 This has been discontinued by the manufacturer 

         : Order # 6011


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