Prop Shaft Straightening Fixture

I built this fixture 20 years ago and have straightened hundreds of propshafts with it so I know it is accurate and that it works. With this fixture you can straighten half of most Pre-Alpha, Alpha One and Generation II bent propshafts with it as long as it is not bent more that 1/16 of an inch ( total indicator reading measured at the end of the shaft ).  Half of all #1 MerCruiser prop shafts can be straightened to within .002 total indicator reading ( measured at the end of the splines as shown ).

The end of the propshaft is made of stainless steel. It is very springy and can only be straightened by measuring it while it is being over bent as much as 3/16 and allowing it to spring back to center. This usually takes quite a few bends until to can see how much over bending you need to make the shaft run true.





 This fixture will clamp in any vise. The piece of copper tubing shown above is used to protect the propshaft from the hardened pusher bolt in the fixture during bending. A new dial indicator is included with the fixture. The hex stock in the lower right hand corner is used to turn the shaft while it is in the fixture.

Shipping Wt 40 Lbs.

: Order # 9999