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Replacement Skegs

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These are pre-shaped unpolished replacement aluminum alloy skegs. These are ready to heliarc in place. Grind the jagged bottom off your damaged lower unit until it matches up the the new skeg. Put a nice 1/4" chamfer along both edges of the old skeg and the new one as well. You can leave your old housing assembled as long as your welder goes slow and try to generate as little heat as possible. You may even try some dry ice  and wet rags to keep the assembly cool.



            1964 - 1983 Pre-Alpha 1/2 Skeg

         : Order # 0581


            1964 - 1983 Pre-Alpha Full Skeg

            : Order # 8126






            1984 - 1990 Alpha One Full Skeg

         : Order # 8890


            1991 - Date Gen II Full Skeg

              : Order # 1991



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