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This is MerCruiser p/n 62104-1 intermediate shift lever. It will fit the upper housing on Pre-Alpha and Alpha One drives made from 1968 - 1991. It comes with the stainless steel cotter pin and washer.


         : Order # 1421




This is MerCruiser p/n 23-32632 stainless steel replacement bushing. It is pressed into the upper housings on Pre-Alpha and Alpha One drives made from 1968 - 1991 and supports the middle of the above shift shaft lever.

The inside diameter of this bushing is .600 and the outside diameter of the above shift lever is .560 which means there is approximately .040 clearance. It is not a real close fit in-between the 2 parts. 

         : Order # 1423




This is our intermediate shift lever bushing driver. It is used to drive the above bushing into the upper housing. 

         : Order # 6600



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