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Engine Driveline Holding Fixture

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This fixture will fit in any vise and can be used without turning the vise sideways or using a crowbar to keep the engine driveline assembly from turning during disassembly or reassembly. It will fit all #1 MerCruiser "R" outdrives made from 1965 - Date including Alpha One "MR" and Generation II.  It will not fit TR, TRS or Bravo.


Clamp the fixture in your vise with the large diameter sticking outwards. Place the engine driveline assembly in the fixture. Stick any large Phillips screwdriver thru the fixture to keep the assembly from turning while loosening or tightening the 5/8 locknut. This can be very handy on the new gear sets which have the bearings pressed onto the drive gear and require preload to be set. 



To check the preload on newer gear sets, remove screwdriver. Hold the outside of the large double bearings by hand and use a torque wrench to turn the driveline assembly. The preload reading should be 2 to 4 inch Lbs on used bearings and 6 to 10 inch Lbs on new bearings.








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