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MerCruiser - Pre-Alpha & Alpha Water Pumps

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Both, the upper housing and water pump service kit, will fit all #1 MerCruiser drives made from 1967 - 1990.

It will also fit 150hp and larger Mercury outboard motors. 


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             Pre-Alpha Water Pump Base

1967 thru 1983 Pre-Alpha bases are both the same. The only difference is that # 3421 has a 3/8-16 threaded hole going thru it for a motor flusher adaptor. If you have a 1967 - 1970 with the matching hole in the lower outdrive housing  plugged up, and do not wish to use this for flushing, you can replace this base with the newer # 3417 which does not have this hole.

None of these bases will fit a Mercury outboard motor !





              Alpha Water Pump Base

1984 thru 1990 Alpha uses this base. Notice that the o-ring diameter is about 1/8 larger and that there is a 1/4 dowel pin in the lower housing which fits into the hole above. This is to prevent using the earlier model water pump bases which are smaller in diameter. A smaller diameter base would let water past the o-ring into the oil.

None of these bases will fit a Mercury outboard motor !





Complete Water Pump Kits


All of these kits are the same. The only difference is the lower base.

1967 - 1970  with 3/8 - 16 side threaded hole for flusher
: Order # 2130  

1971 - 1983  Pre - Alpha  with pre-load pin on top of vertical shaft
: Order # 2110 

1984 - 1990  Alpha with no pre-load on top of vertical shaft
: Order # 2120 



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