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Zinc Anode Plate for MerCruiser

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Please Make sure you currently have the zincs below before ordering replacements. If you don't have then now you can't add them.




These zinc anode plates bolt to the bottom of the gimbal housing. They mount over the (4) power trim hoses.

The ribbed plate is the most popular because there is more surface area.


                : Order # 1631 for smooth


           : Order # 3994 for ribbed





                   Zinc Anodic Bolt Heads

These zinc anodic bolt heads screw onto (2) threaded aluminum bolts at the very bottom of the gimbal housing. 

You can use a pair of vise grips to unscrew these anodes. These are sold each. Order 2 of these for each outdrive.


         : Order # 5989



                   Anodic Bolt Kit

This is Quicksilver p/n 8M0030655 (old p/n 55989A8) aluminum bolt kit. It fits the bottom (2) holes on the gimbal housing.

This kit comes with the (2) bolts, (2) rubber washers and (2) anode heads.


         : Order # 0655








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