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Upper Gear Sets for MerCruiser Drives

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These upper gear sets includes all of the necessary gears, bearings, shims and seals to rebuild the upper gear housing on all #1 Pre-Alpha, Alpha One and Generation II drives but we will need to know the size of your engine and year of your drive so we can send you the correct seals, gears and bearings. 

The gears are manufactured by GLM Marine. Most all of the bearings come from Timken but a few may come from the Koyo Bearing Company located in Japan.

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* Manuals

* Shimming tools.

* Upper spanner wrench.

* Preload checking extension.

 These kits weigh 11 pounds.



 Please include your engine size, year & drive serial # when ordering gears 


 Discontinued - Older Style Upper Gears


This 1.98r upper gear set is no longer available from  MerCruiser. They were used from approximately 1964 to 1966. You cannot used the newer gears shown above because they will not fit into the older housing like these did.

These were used on 1A/1B/1C 1964 and 1A/1B/1C (EZ-SHIFT) 1965-1966.

Notice that there were splines inside of the vertical gear. The post ( shown below ) which fits in here has a nut on the top of the post which fits into the top cover.

The 1.98 set shown here is MerCruiser p/n 43-36219A1. It has 20 teeth on the horizontal gear and 24 teeth on the vertical gear and lists for $646.58.

We have 1 (brand new in the box) set of these 2 gears.

This is just the (2) gears shown above ( No bearings or seals ).

This will be the last set available to us. : Order # 6219 ( Price on these 2 gears only is $329.95 )





Notice that there are splines inside of the vertical gear. This post fits in









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